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Franz Schreker’s Die Gezeichneten

Here’s a treat! A complete performance of Franz Schreker’s Die Gezeichneten [The Stigmatised] at the Opéra de Lyon: Watch it On The Opera Platform

The inner voice of the opera singer

Treating the In Tune team to an unprecedented, uncensored account of what REALLY goes on in an opera singer’s mind while they’re on stage.

Why do we Warble?

Why does opera not connect with contemporary audiences? How can opera be made more appealing? Toby Young explores how his compositional practice is helping opera reach out to different people.

Paul Hindemith: “Neues vom Tage”

Opera Review Reviewed by Michael Eagleton Landestheater, Linz, 31 May 2008, in repertoire until 1 July When Paul Hindemith’s Neues vom Tage was premiered in June 1929, at the Kroll Opera in Berlin under Otto Klemperer, its librettist, Marcellus Schiffer, was probably just as notorious a figure in Berlin as its composer. They had already…