“Forbidden Composers” In Tucson

Great news! On October 14, 2016 Michael Haas (Author of the wonderful book Forbidden Music: The Jewish COmposers Banned by the Nazis, writer of the Forbidden Music blog and i.a. co-chairman of Austria’s Exil.arte), Stephen Hinton (Professor of Music at Stanford University and author i.a. of the book about Kurt Weill’s complete stage works Weill’s Musical Theater: Stages of Reform) and Sabine Feisst (Professor of Music at the Arizona State University and Author i.a. of Schoenberg’s monograph Schoenberg’s New World: The American Years) are going to hold the Opening Conference about the “forbidden composers” Arnold Schoenberg, Kurt Weill and Hans Winterberg by the 2016 Music + Festival of the Fred Fox School of Music in Tuscon, Arizona.