Ensemble Émigré

Ensemble Émigré concert at Austrian Cultural Forum

After four years of performance projects and research about émigré musicians at the Royal College of Music I have teamed up with my colleagues to start a professional ensemble dedicated to their music and legacy.

For this performance the wonderful Sigridur Osk will come from Iceland to sing songs from our recording of ENGEL LUND’s BOOK OF FOLK SONGS. You can also hear some wonderful violin pieces by Peter Gellhorn, who is the subject of our current project at the RCM, performed by star player Eunsley Park, as well as songs by Joseph Horovitz, Robert Kahn and Hans Gal, accompanied by Lucy Colquhoun. The programme will be narrated by the amazing performer and designer Joseph Kohlmair. There will also be a special treat with Gesprochener Musik by Ernst Toch.

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