Peter Tregear

Peter Tregear (convenor) is a musician, author, and academic. Australian-born, he completed a doctorate in Music at King’s College, Cambridge, and was later appointed a Fellow and Director of Music. He has subsequently worked across Europe and Australia as a singer and conductor specialising in Australian and European music of the early twentieth century. In 2012 he was appointed Professor and Head of the ANU School of Music, Canberra and in 2015 was appointed a Teaching Fellow at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is the author of “Ernst Krenek and the Politics of Musical Style”.

Authored by Peter Tregear:

Franz Schreker’s Die Gezeichneten

Here’s a treat! A complete performance of Franz Schreker’s Die Gezeichneten [The Stigmatised] at the Opéra de Lyon: Watch it On The Opera Platform

Ernst Krenek’s Recollections of Schreker in Berlin

This paper was delivered to the conference ‘Thwarted Voices: Franz Schreker and his Pupils in Berlin (1920–1933)’ at the University of London , Sunday–Monday, 2–3 July 2000 Abstract This paper examines Ernst Krenek’s recollections of Schreker as a teacher, as retold through both published and private sources. Cordial and deferential to begin with, by the…