Michael Haas

Michael Haas is an author and multi-Grammy winning recording producer who in the 1990s was principal recording producer for both Sir Georg Solti at London/Decca and Claudio Abbado at Sony. His most regarded work has been the recovery of music suppressed during the years of the III Reich with the series of recordings on London/Decca, ‘Entartete Musik’, started in the mid-1980s. He took on the additional position of Music Curator at Vienna’s Jewish Museum until 2010 and is co-chairman of Austria’s Exilarte, based at Vienna’s University of Music and Performing Arts. His book Forbidden Music was published by Yale University Press in 2013.

Authored by Michael Haas:

Opus Est: German and Austrian Musicians in UK Exile

Although extensive work has been done on the influence in Britain of ‘Hitler’s émigrés’ in other fields, music has tended to be left to one side. That this central activity should have aroused so little interest or recognition is a mystery and demands further investigation, not least because the numerous teachers, composers, instrumentalists, singers, academics…